Monthly Breathwork & Sound Meditation Community to Help Driven People Quiet their Minds to Get the Clarity & Creativity Needed for Your Ultimate Growth

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2022 is the Year Where You Will Scale Your Success + Do It With A Calm Nervous System. 


You Have Been Feeling:


✗ Anxious in your personal life & work life. 

✗ Feel like you need greater clarity for the next steps in your business & personal life

✗ Feeling blocked creatively.

✗ Know your soul is here for a significant purpose but feel like you are holding yourself back.

Tired of trying things that don’t work.

✗ Have bought every course, coach, mastermind, and membership, have had so much strategy, but feel blocked in implementing the information. 


I have heard this from so many people.


You are probably thinking, "How is this going to be any different?" 


You feel anxious and hopeless and are needing something but you don't know what.


You have tried all the self-help & it's just not working.


What if the answer you have been seeking for coaches, masterminds, and gurus was actually inside of you?


How would you feel if you had clarity about what you are doing, how to get there, and it actually felt good inside your body?

Here is EXACTLY What You Will Get: 

  • 2 - Monthly LIVE Group Breathwork & Sound Healing Sessions, designed to calm you down, clear out anything holding you back in life and business & allow you to step into your business entirely. (Valued at $444)

  • A library of pre-recorded South Baths & Virtual Breathwork sessions that you can listen to podcast style and take with you anywhere in your day to help you get into a peak state.

  • Daily accountability and support through our private Facebook Group (Valued at $1297) 

  • Early bird access & member only discounts to all products and events! 

  • And you are getting all of this at a FRACTION of the investment!

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Kelly S. 

Working with Regina has helped me to actualize & conceptualize my thoughts and turn them into processes.  This has helped to lay the foundation of my business, create my niche and launch my business.

Jess B. 

"Regina is really capable of taking all of those thoughts that are in your head and helping you set up systems and structures to get you focused and clear on what direction you want to go in."

Nicole Y.

"Regina has been such an important part of this journey for me and just spending 90 minutes with her has shifted the momentum in my business and my confidence to bring this into the world and has given me the backbone I needed." 

Maybe you are thinking, this is too good to be true?


But you are also thinking, What if this is the missing piece?


I know you have tried so many different things to help you in your business.


But I can guarantee you have not consistently implemented Breathwork, & Sound Meditation into your life at least 2 times a month.


This is the thing that will move the needle.


This is the thing that will not only move the needle in your business but in your life! 


Are you ready to get started?

Hey, I’m Regina! 


Welcome to my membership program, Breathe With Regina.

This membership has been in the making for a long time, and so much love, research, and experience is coming to you in this unique offering.


Breathwork has been the modality and tool that has changed my entire life.  It has allowed me to work through deep wounds, overcoming and tackling limiting beliefs, which has allowed me to create two thriving businesses while having more peace in my body and soul.


This membership is designed to do the same for you.  With the combination of sound meditation sessions & breathwork sessions, if you give your all to this group, your life will transform.


So excited to have you be a part of my Breathwork Tribe! 


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$45 per month

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